Feel the vibrancy and the heat raging within you!

Embrace your perversions and make your fantasies come true…

Enjoy our most spectacular Strip-O-Grams!

Their 15-minute strip shows that you can book for any special occasion!

Whether it’s birthday parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries, pool parties, divorce parties, or any other private event, they’re sure to fire you up!

This sexy entertainment involves hot exotic dancers arriving at a party venue and acting out a skit in the costume of your choice (e.g. an office secretary, a nanny, a policewoman, a cheerleader, a teacher, etc.) and fools your Guest of Honor or victim.

Your over-the-top choices of exotic dancers and themes will delight the most eclectic of the audience.

Our girls perform a dazzling, jaw-dropping strip show performance; taking you to a frenzy of fun, joy, and seduction!

These pretty gals offer personalized strip performance routines to perform for their guests. They’re very much professional, attentive, and approachable.

[NOTE: We are always discreet upon arrival and ready for the shock factor once there.]

Our best women strippers take pride in their appearance and their performances and how they socially present themselves to their clients. 

Beware, they like to spend a lot of time flirting and seducing around. They’re fond of it!


For bookings and reservations, just log on here at and book as early as possible to avoid delays.