Curious what PR Girls are? 

Well, they are not just pretty faces that you can carry around…

These women draw attention to your marketing event and help elevate your brand presence no matter where you are activating!

PR Girls are stunning event helpers who will greet your beloved guests at your parties, run games, sell raffle tickets, and represent your company at trade shows standing there looking beautiful to draw people to your designated booth. And sometimes, people also call them as ‘promo girls’ which is basically the same thing.

24/7 Strippers’ PR Girls have all the qualities to interact and excel with consumers and prospective clients while conveying targeted brand messaging. They are friendly, energetic, assertive, and enjoy the work they do.

We make sure they got the image, the guts, and the knowledge they need in their job. Their job involves handing out samples, giving presentations, and distributing fliers. Plus, they also educate their prospective clients about the features of the designated product or service.

They can be assigned at exhibitions, store openings, red carpet events, or anything else you choose and their role may vary as well as per your liking (e.g. posing for photos, welcoming your guests, doing demonstrations, and generating sales and leads).

24/7 Strippers will help you plan your event from the start through to implementation.

Contact us now and arrange an appointment to reserve our girls to help you with your next event.