Golf tournaments? Nothing’s more special without that SEXY VIEW!

Fun and enjoyable? Yes! 

Motivating? Definitely YES!

Introducing our well-selected and well-trained team of Caddy Girls…

Though they’re a bit of a distraction because of their natural sexiness, they’re the perfect supporters you need. They know the ins and outs of the game and will chat to you about your swing and encourage your game. 

Whether it’s a men’s day out, a charity tournament, a corporate event or simply a full golf tournament, our sexy entertainers love to play golf caddy!

Prepare to be astonished by their great skills and abilities in handling their golf-caddying duties.

They love to assist you by carrying golf clubs, handing golfers the various clubs they use, putting clubs back into the bag after golfers have hit their shots, cleaning the golf clubs and golf balls, raking bunkers and sand traps, measuring yardages, replacing divots and ball marks, and lastly, tending or removing the pin. And so much more to expect from them!

Our female golf caddies are dressed to code with easy-access clothing; wearing golf outfits on the job. 

Also, these hardworking babes are so playful and will surely offer everyone a fantastic performance with some hot GOLF BODY-SHOTS with some sexy LAPDANCES!


To avoid unnecessary chaos or accidents, 24/7 Strippers does not allow any of its Caddy Girls to consume alcohol before or during the event. We are normally strict on this policy. 

For a change of plans and last-minute preparations, our communication lines are always open (phone or email) to accommodate you.